car buying guide

Having a car is a dream for everyone, especially for people who already have a family. The aim is to facilitate the mobilization of family activities. For the purposes of the family, a car that has the features and specifications of qualified and can provide comfort for the family became the target of the Indonesian family.

The goal we’ll be planning the budget in accordance with our finances.
Here’s his review!

1. Check Price Car

First find out the price of the car you want and adjust to the budget you have. After that consider each of the features in the model. Compare with other models in the same price class. Then, you should also consider the purchase of the priority needs of your family.

2. Total Advances

Do not ignore the amount of the advance. Due to advances so early calculations in buying a car in installments. Advances will affect the content of our savings and the amount set aside each month installment of our monthly income. Usually a down payment of 30 percent of the selling price of the car. But it can still be negotiated with the sales person. So that the monthly expenditure is not disturbed, the number of car payments should be 10 percent of monthly income.

3. Long-Term Credit Facility

No need to wait collected more cash to buy a car, because you can take advantage of long-term credit facilities. Look for a credit facility with a term of installment long as 7 to 8 years. Long period of time can make a down payment that you spend less and less.

4. Simulation Car Purchase Plan

After figuring out the amount of down payment you’ll need, simulate and installment savings you later. The choices were varied, can be adjusted with the available budget and needs. So, you can realize your dream to own a car.

rear wheel drive

Wheel drive system on the car is divided into three, namely front-wheel drive (Front Wheel Drive), rear wheel drive (Rear Wheel Drive), and four-wheel drive (Four Wheel Drive 4WD / AWD).

The application-wheel drive system is actually selected by reason of use of the vehicle. Because of its versatility for use in the city, outside the city, uphill roads, and a heavy load, rear-wheel system is suitable for passenger cars much like MPV that could fit seven passengers.

What are the benefits of rear-wheel drive system on the MPV?

It is easier in terms of maintenance

The machines installed in the direction of the car body making the engine room to be more loose, it would make it easier in terms of treatment and the process of washing machines.

Powerful on the road uphill

Cars with rear wheel drive system transfers the engine power to the rear wheels to ‘push’ the car. Not ‘interesting’ car in the work of front-wheel drive. Compared tug, the characteristics of encouragement facilitate the ability of the car when carrying loads more, even on uphill road though.

This capability is certainly very appropriate considering the 7 seater MPV in a state of full generating substantial burden especially when taken on vacation to the Peak.

More agile on the road conditions are not good

Cars with rear wheel drive system more resilient, especially to bulldoze the uneven road or perforated. Power steering on RWD cars were generally more lightly because the front wheels only steer left or right so as to facilitate evasive maneuvers.

Easy to maneuver in tight curves

Turning radius RWD car is broken because the direction of the front wheels is not limited by the drive shaft at the front. That way the car is easier to conquer the sharp corners or doing a difficult angle parking without a lot of movement back and forth.

more durable

The front wheels only to set the direction, it makes mechanization systems, steering and front suspension system so it is more durable.

suspension Upside Down

Currently motorcycle shock absorbers front of the famous is a conventional telescopic suspension. Even so, the suspension is not the only damper known in the motorcycle world.

One other type of suspension is the shock upside down. This suspension is typical of high-performance motorcycles. But there were also standard motor sport who have installed the tool.

Suspension upside down, the position of the inner tube or small pipe located at the bottom, while the outer tube or pipe is larger at the top. So, like a conventional suspension reversed.

However, what are the advantages of this type of suspension than the regular suspension? And what drawbacks? excess suspension is noticeably if the motor is driven at a high speed. Generally, if for motor sport (high-speed), do not shake. So it is not right if it is used in everyday bike which often get jammed.

This is because the position of the top tube is greater. This position makes the suspension is able to absorb more vibration than conventional telescopic models.

In addition, this shock also has a weakness, that tougher, especially when passing through ruined streets. So the suspension is rather easily dented and broken.

Therefore, the suspension is not suitable in all types of motor. The motors are suitable for this suspension should have a light weight. Another deficiency suspension upside down is an expensive price.


One technique that must be mastered by the adept motorcyclist is how they lower the gear while braking gently. Two things are going to affect the balance if not controlled properly.

This condition is actually not easy, because the need to align the spin machine in order not to scream as the alias overrev deselarasi process. To that end, the practice of lower gear deceleration and braking for beginners initially carried out separately before they are conducted simultaneously.

This capability not only requires the skills of the riders but also the condition of the motorcycle. In sport-type motorcycle racing or has character has been equipped with a slipper clutch.

The technology when combined with a slow-release coupling method capable of balancing between the teeth with proper engine speed according to speed.


Reported Motorcycle, the lower the gear there is any technique, which is not directly passing more than one transmission at all pull in the clutch. The proper way is by lowering one by one by pulling the clutch several times according to the number of teeth being unloaded.

Furthermore, the clutch lever endeavored not to get too close to the finger when withdrawn. The movement is not as efficient as it makes the process of shifting becomes rough. This method minimizes errors when synchronizing gear transmission to engine speed and engine speed.

The hand position when the brake also has an important role so that the deceleration process runs smoothly. The position of two fingers on his right hand was as much as possible is very easy to reach the front brake. When gas is closed, forefinger and middle finger can easily pull the front brake lever.

helmet cleans

The weekend has arrived. Many things can be done, including cleaning the motorcycle helmet. So as not to bother, somebody could come to the wash house helmet began to bloom now.

In addition, another option is to wash your own helmet. It’s certainly more efficient than having to leave it to other parties.

So, how the correct way to clean up this helmet? First of all, it should be known that the helmet has several parts. First, the outer layer of the loudest or shell, inside the shell is usually made of Styrofoam on the inside, the inner layer of soft (comfort padding) and a visor or glass. On a standard helmet, usually foam comfort padding can be removed.

Soak the inside of the helmet with a soft baby shampoo to clean. Try not to use detergents used to clean clothes. After that, dry in the open air circulation.

The outer layer of the helmet can be cleaned with a soft cloth and dishwashing soap. After that, dry. It’s better if after the dry, cover this area with wax in order to paint the helmet does not fade.

Last is cleaning the glass helmet. For this part, just need warm water, soap and a soft washcloth. When cleaning, try to do in the flowing water to avoid scratches. Also avoid the use of a liquid containing ammonia because it can erode the scratch-resistant coating.

In addition to separate this way, cleaning the helmet can also be done with a much simpler way. How, soak directly helmet in water mixed with soap. Then, let stand for 15 minutes before cleaning by hand or soft cloth on the inside.

After drying, reinsert the helmet on the water that has been mixed with the fragrance. Allow a few moments, then dry with a fan, hair dryer, or dried in the sun as drying clothes.

apple car

Apple not to be outdone by Google is developing a car without a driver. The latest news, iPhone manufacturer was working on the ambitious project at a secret lab in Berlin, Germany.

According to leaks, the project called `Project Titan` it is already taking place in a few years back.

Citing information from insiders, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), or call Apple iCar 15-20 Car developed by expert technicians with background software, hardware, machinery, and marketing.

As known, the car project Apple is widely associated with the name of hundreds of people, including former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky and Johann Jungwirth, who has headed the central R & D Mercedes-Benz of North America and now works for Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, Apple’s first car will resemble the BMW i3. This is reinforced by the fact Apple CEO Tim Cook never visited the headquarters of BMW in 2014.

At that time, Cook had also visited the production facility in Leipzig and reviewing the direct production i3 models utilizing Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). Car Apple rumored to be diving debut in 2019.