car environment

The latest generation Chevrolet Volt has won the award for Green Car of the Year 2016. The announcement was made on the mat the LA Auto Show, the United States (US).

This second-generation Chevy Volt was first introduced in 2015 in the event North American International Auto Show. With 18.4 kWh battery to 300 V lithium-ion battery, the Volt is capable of driving up to 85 km on a single charge.

With this award, the Volt to be the only model that is able to win the title more than once. Five years ago, the first generation Volt also earned the same.

Meanwhile, other models are also nominated in the Audi A3 e-Tron, the new Prius Toyota, Hyundai Sonata and Honda Civic. Interestingly, none of the Diesel engine cars in a circle finalists.

The advantages Volt than the models, according to the jury, is availability. Some judges in question, according to Autoblog pages, is comedian Jay Leno, as well as the Green Car Journal editor Ron Cogan.

Of course, besides all of these models do not emit excess fuel. Chevrolet Volt even no emissions at 85 km first as driven by the battery.

Page Autoblog has also been awarded the Volt as the car is the most preferred reader. Volt won with 42 percent of votes. While the second position is occupied by the Toyota Prius.

cylinder block

Cylinder Block is the basic form of the machine. and the cylinder block, there are a few cylinders. The cylinder block is usually made of ductile iron casting, but lately many are also made of aluminum alloy with the intent to reduce the weight and increase the heat radiation. The cylinder block is the home of the crank mechanism, the cylinder block there is also a piston cylinder used to go up and down when the machine is working. In broad outline of the cylinder block or cylinder blog function is:

a. As the position of the cylinder and cylinder head.
b. As the house crank mechanism (crankshaft, con rods, pistons, etc.)
c. The scene of the burning process steps
d. In which there is a cylinder that serves as a piston up and down to generate business step,

At the time of overhaul, there are a few that should be checked on the cylinder block such as straightness of the cylinder block, cylinder diameter, cylindrical shape visually, and so forth. The cylinder block as the home of the crank mechanism, in which the crank mechanism consists of various components such as:

  • crankshaft
  • fly wheel
  • piston
  • connecting rod
  • crankshaft bearings
  • and more

Similarly, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks there is also a water jacket that serves as a way of cooling water in cooling the cylinder block during engine operation. Speaking of the cylinder head, first read about the components or parts of the cylinder head. Similarly, an article on the blog cylinder

classic car

Buying a classic car like inviting someone to join your family members. If he has a good character, it is very helpful as you would like it a lot and spend a lot of time with him. Moreover, if you can maintain and take good care.

In any case, buying a classic car for speculative reasons is like buying a beautiful painting and then store it in a vault. Cars are designed to move, and his condition could deteriorate if they are not in use. Driving a classic car and keep the car in a state fit is the main pleasure of owning a classic car.

There are some important things you should consider and do before having a classic car that is not in vain buy “work of art” is.

Here are tips for buying a classic car for beginners:

1. Determine the main purpose of use

Many ordinary people are still confused with what is the appropriate activities conducted with a classic car of their dreams. Before buying an antique car, determine what kind of car you want. However, equally important is what activities you want much to do with the antique cars.

2. Prepare Care Routine

Cars that are old enough of course requires a lot of attention, especially the car is moving objects that require the performance of the engine components are quite excellent. For 1960’s output of cars, maintenance is done every few thousand kilometers depending on the frequency of duration of use.

3. Conditions Not Damp Garage

Classic cars have begun fragile condition due to age. Feared when classic cars parked in the garage that moisture will bring a lot of rust on the body so that the machine even interfere with the performance and appearance of the car as a whole.

4. Look for references and check prices

Before you buy a classic car dream, it would be nice if you first check the antique car market on the internet or magazines. If necessary ask the people who are more familiar classic car or classic car enthusiast clubs.

Each car has different advantages and disadvantages, so it should be a classic car buyer should be careful of the important things of a classic car dream. Classic car prices are also determined by the condition and maintenance of the car itself.

5. Check Originality Car Parts

Cars that use original components have a pretty good performance. Classic car has become a component of originality important things to consider before buying because it will have an impact on the expenditure to purchase the components when the damage occurred or when routine servicing.

The use of components that are not original or not recommended feared would make a swell maintenance costs to repair the damaged part the impact of the use of components that are not recommended.

6. Test Drive

Before paying the classic car make sure you’ve tried it in a test drive. In order for the classic car buyers can directly determine the condition of the car that will be bought to try it yourself.

The performance and problems that arise in the car you can know early so you avoid problems that might arise after buying the antique cars.

7. Insurance

As well as the current output of cars, classic cars also need insurance to prevent things that are not desirable when used during the trip. Sometimes insurance covering antique car implement the system based on mileage.

car color white

White is now a new color that is preferred in the community. In the automotive field, white cars are more and more sought after by consumers.

Whereas before, the white to be avoided due to the difficult treatment problem. At that time, the white color is rarely sought after because it is easy looks dirty and dull if not cleaned regularly. However, any weakness was now not worry about the people who are already like color that symbolizes the sanctity of this.

What kind of care is good for white color car, the following short descriptions that have been collected

Do not park on the outdoors

Car color when exposed to sunlight are very hot continuously potentially corrupted. As a precautionary measure, you should avoid park the vehicle in a place exposed to direct sunlight. To that end, try to find a parking area roofed or shady because trees blocked.

But if there is no other choice, you can wrap a car with a cover or blanket. In addition to protecting from the sun, it also can prevent dust sticking to the surface of the car body.

Wash immediately after rain washed

Rainwater has acidic compounds that are harmful to the car paint that can make up a dull rusty. Especially on a white color car, the rest of the rainwater sometimes leave spots and make your own paint color yellow.

In addition, the mud is already drying on the surface of the body would cause stains that will be difficult to clean. Therefore, if the car has been exposed to rain water, immediately wash with clean water and if necessary all washed.

Do not wash under direct sunlight or when the car is still hot

A car wash with the conditions in the sun or heat radiation from the machine can create car shampoo that is rubbed into the body more quickly evaporate. As a result, patches of leftover shampoo that dries even be a bit difficult to rinse.

If you have this, over time spotting the rest of the car shampoo actually create the look of the paint to be less shiny. Since it was difficult to clean, finally spotting shampoo can damage your car color white.

Dry with a cloth with a high absorption

Car body with white paint is very susceptible visible dirt, including the rest of the rinse water used when washing. Therefore when finished washing, should be the remnants of the water all over the car body immediately dried using plas chamois cloth which has a high absorption.

The goal is that all traces of water can optimally. If still visible residual water clinging to the car body, dry it with a cloth back is still dry.

Extra care

When you have more time and budget, you can perform additional treatments to keep the car paint still shiny. The trick, car polishes are washed after each use wax.

There are two types of wax, the cleaner wax and waxes. Cleaner wax is useful to remove the remnants of oxidation results car washes. The procession resumed car polish coat the body with waxes that serve to create the impression wet look in clear coat layer.

window film

Window film became one of the important components on the car. Its function in reducing the sunlight makes the ride comfort is increased.

Therefore, the film should be treated with care. If not, then the benefits could be reduced, and it may be the glue layer will peel due to be cleaned with a substance that is not appropriate. To clean the window film use shampoo for babies, the material is safe because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

The important part to note is in the glass and cleaned the side, which is in direct contact with the glass. Here that must be considered. Who knew there was sand that can make window film is eroded.

For the problem of how many times the frequency should be in the clear, there is no definitive answer to how often the film needs to be cleaned. Depending on you as the owner. If it’s dirty, immediately cleared.

Remove Rust Use Soda

Caring components are chrome-plated vehicle was tricky. When wrong, will cause corrosion which of course makes the display no longer unpleasant.

Apparently, there are inexpensive tricks that you can take to create a sleek chrome component back. Yes, simply use soda.

As is known, sodas have high acid compounds. Acid contained in this nutritious drink shed rust.

Here’s how to remove rust using soda:

First, clean the area with soap rusty surface for to remove dust or soil attached. Once is enough, immediately rinse with clean water and dry the surface.

The next step, pour the liquid soda to the rusty surface evenly and allow approximately 15 minutes.

Afterward, use a dry sponge to smooth soda liquid across the surface corroded. During this process, do not forget to rub the rusted parts.

Well, the last, rinse with clean water and use soap to remove liquid soda. Then dry with a cloth.

For maximum results, it is advisable to repeat the process. So, good luck with these tips.