semi truck

A leaking radiator on a semi truck can be tough to handle. Many truck drivers may opt to just drop more fluid in from time to time and leave it alone. However, a big rig with a leaking radiator is a ticking time bomb, and it could cost you dearly if you wait too long. Find the leak, fix it temporarily, and get it examined by a professional as soon as possible.

To find your semi truck radiator leak, visit a leading distributor of semi truck radiators, or try the following:

  • Look for the leak after the engine is shut down and the engine is cool.
  • Look for any drips on the ground, corrosion around one of the tubes, or even fluid squirting out of a hose. Also look closely at the clamps, thermostat gasket, water pump, hoses, by-pass hose, radiator cap and reservoir tank.
  • Once you find the leak, look over the cooling system again to see if there are any more leaks. There easily could be two or more leaks in your semi truck radiator.

Once you have found the leak, you should fix the leak temporarily with some stop leak for truck radiators, duct tape, and possibly some rubber cement. Once you have the leak temporarily plugged, you should visit a semi truck radiator repair facility and have it repaired professionally. Or, visit a leading distributor of semi truck radiators and have the system replaced.

used cars

When looking for used cars in Washington DC, like in most other places, there are a few things to look out for and a few things to think of, some of which are region specific. First things first. If you have any interest in your car’s performance, and you should, you should know that humidity does affect your car’s performance, and that summers in DC can be particularly humid. Before you go out and look at Washington DC used cars, it is a good idea to check the engine on the car you are getting to see if it has a water injection system.

A water injection system is there simply to cool the intake, thus making the engine run more smoothly and efficiently.Also, make sure that the car you are getting have a well working air conditioner. Around DC High heat indexes make for truly uncomfortable conditions and unless you enjoy sticking to your car seat, getting a vehicle with good AC is perhaps as important as making sure that your cars performance is smooth.

After all, what good is it to show up to your job, well dressed, in a nice car, but be drenched in sweat because you sat in that DC traffic for an hour and baked in that beautiful car of yours? Everything is important, folks. Don’t overlook anything.

limousine service

In today’s world of transport is very much in demand by some people both motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Many people prefer to buy and use their own cars, while others prefer to rent a car.

While it is true that having your own car has the advantage, having a vehicle seems to be more advantageous in many situations. If you look at the congestion factor, maintenance costs, and other costs, you would have to think twice about buying a car. Especially when you are traveling in another city far or was traveling on business in various countries, renting a car is the best way to help you on the way.

The following Benefits and Advantages of Hiring a Car

– Free of maintenance costs. By renting a car, of course, do not need to think about the cost of maintenance on a regular basis. Why? Because it is the duty and responsibility of the car rental providers.

– Available driver. When you rent a car, you can also hire a driver at the same time in your journey, experienced driver would have been provided by the car rental service provider.

– Can select a car according to need. For example when you want to travel with a capacity of 9 to 10 people. Surely can choose a car with a bigger capacity and unloading many passengers as the right choice. If you want to have a meeting with business associates, you can choose a luxury car with famous brands such as leasing services reliable limousine service that can easily be found on the internet. By using a luxury car, It will also give confidence to the business associates.

aston martin james bond

Do you know who the Aston Martin? Yes. Aston Martin is a renowned car designer whose work is widely used as a car used in James Bond movies where in the film James Bond is always accompanied by sophisticated super car in the accompanying action. And at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in the UK and used by Aston Martin to launch a new car that is made by the most sophisticated car named Vulcan.

You must be curious with this ultimate super car specs right? following which we will discuss the specifications of Vulcan’s most advanced car. Vulcan car is a type of luxury car that apply very high standards in the luxury car class. And even this car is designed with an exterior design that is extraordinary. And unique this car was still using flowing lines visible on the side of the vehicle, which is a hallmark of this line of Aston design.

For interior design, of course, equipped with highly advanced technology and are more than just qualified. In the car Aston Martin’s most advanced designs are smart steering wheel around there are various kinds of buttons to operate the car. With steering wheel-shaped “U” that serves not only as the steering wheel, but also as a tool to turn the car and also to enable the feature pit lane speed limiter which as we know is in the car racing.

And of course you are very curious about this art car prices. Yes, the car is priced which is very fantastic. In the luxury car exhibition in the UK, this sophisticated vehicle is priced at USD 2.3 million. Wow! Of course the price is very expensive but it is commensurate with what is presented by advanced car on this one. This car has not started to be mass produced but reportedly this car will be produced only some 24 units worldwide.

ferrari rare car

Of the many Ferrari’s in Ferrari Cavalcade event in Rome, there is one car that is very interesting. How not, the Ferrari is the only car that is closing.

When opened, it turns out that Ferrari is Ferrari F12 TRS colored chrome-silver. This car is only produced as many as three units so making it one of the most desirable Ferrari collectors.

Unlike the two Ferrari F12 TRS had ever seen before, a model this one has a very different front end, with new headlights and hood open so V12 visible from the outside.

It is said, the performance equals TRS F12 F12 Berlinetta. That is, these cars use engines naturally aspired 6.3-liter V12 capable of generate power up to Tk 730 and 690 Nm of torque.

With dimiliknya prestige, no wonder Ferrari F12 TRS ever priced approximately US $ 3.4 million, or approximately USD 45.3 billion. While for this silver berkelir car, Ferrari reluctant to provide information about the price. Or it could be also is not for sale.

For information, Ferrari Cavalcade is a special event for the best Ferrari clients and collectors. This event contains a variety of activities are summarized in the five-day trip exclusively in Italy.

Triumph Speed Triple

Facelift version motorcycle Triumph Will Start Next Year Sale – premium British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, is preparing two new motorcycle units to be released in 2016. The second motor is a facelift version of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R. The two motorcycle was also tested at the headquarters of Triumph in Leicestershire, England.

While still ‘wrapped’ neatly with stickers camouflage, both the Triumph motorcycle can indeed be easily recognizable because of its muscles still showed characteristic Triumph. Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 has a radiator coating and a more slender stern design.

In addition to the radiator and tail section leaner, Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 version also has a new headlight design with soft shapes more and more rounded. Besides refreshment in terms of appearance, Triumph was also added several new features on both the motorcycle unit. One new feature is a new traction control feature.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 will still use inline three-cylinder engine capacity of 1,050 cc. The machine is capable of spewing power of 134 Nursery and maximum torque of 111 Nm.

Because the base engine remains the same as the old generation, it can be said that this time Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 is really a pure facelift version. Similarly, exclusive products other Triumph, two new motorcycle manufacturer concoction of State Queen Elizabeth then only be produced in limited.

This motor has entered the final stage of the production process and is scheduled to go on sale in 2016. For the inauguration itself, some sources say that both the new version of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R and the Speed ​​Triple will be unveiled in global in the late 2015’s