helmet cleans

The weekend has arrived. Many things can be done, including cleaning the motorcycle helmet. So as not to bother, somebody could come to the wash house helmet began to bloom now.

In addition, another option is to wash your own helmet. It’s certainly more efficient than having to leave it to other parties.

So, how the correct way to clean up this helmet? First of all, it should be known that the helmet has several parts. First, the outer layer of the loudest or shell, inside the shell is usually made of Styrofoam on the inside, the inner layer of soft (comfort padding) and a visor or glass. On a standard helmet, usually foam comfort padding can be removed.

Soak the inside of the helmet with a soft baby shampoo to clean. Try not to use detergents used to clean clothes. After that, dry in the open air circulation.

The outer layer of the helmet can be cleaned with a soft cloth and dishwashing soap. After that, dry. It’s better if after the dry, cover this area with wax in order to paint the helmet does not fade.

Last is cleaning the glass helmet. For this part, just need warm water, soap and a soft washcloth. When cleaning, try to do in the flowing water to avoid scratches. Also avoid the use of a liquid containing ammonia because it can erode the scratch-resistant coating.

In addition to separate this way, cleaning the helmet can also be done with a much simpler way. How, soak directly helmet in water mixed with soap. Then, let stand for 15 minutes before cleaning by hand or soft cloth on the inside.

After drying, reinsert the helmet on the water that has been mixed with the fragrance. Allow a few moments, then dry with a fan, hair dryer, or dried in the sun as drying clothes.

apple car

Apple not to be outdone by Google is developing a car without a driver. The latest news, iPhone manufacturer was working on the ambitious project at a secret lab in Berlin, Germany.

According to leaks, the project called `Project Titan` it is already taking place in a few years back.

Citing information from insiders, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), or call Apple iCar 15-20 Car developed by expert technicians with background software, hardware, machinery, and marketing.

As known, the car project Apple is widely associated with the name of hundreds of people, including former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky and Johann Jungwirth, who has headed the central R & D Mercedes-Benz of North America and now works for Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, Apple’s first car will resemble the BMW i3. This is reinforced by the fact Apple CEO Tim Cook never visited the headquarters of BMW in 2014.

At that time, Cook had also visited the production facility in Leipzig and reviewing the direct production i3 models utilizing Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). Car Apple rumored to be diving debut in 2019.

design ducati

The latest from Ducati motorcycles, XDiavel S, was awarded the Best of the Best Award in the category of Product Design 2016 Red Dot Award event. Ducati motorcycle defeated thousands of other competitors.

Of course this is welcomed by them. Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Style Centre Manager, said that this bike is very sexy.

Motorcycle design is inspired by the world cruiser. On the other hand DNA Ducati added the concept into a modern context: `technocruiser` true with futuristic style.

XDiavel S is part of the line-up Ducati Diavel, which was first paved in 2010. Design Diavel design entirely initiated under the leadership of the old design chief, Pierre Terblanche.

According to the official website, every detail XDiavel S were made to strengthen the character of XDiavel. “Premium quality materials and subtle finishing blend with the highest technology in the S version to provide the most unique designs,” they wrote.

While in the vehicle propulsion, XDiavel S Ducati Testastretta engine is equipped with a two-cylinder 1262 DVT sprayed Tk 156 power and torque of 128 Nm.

To note, this is not the first time Ducari won the Red Dot Award. One model, the other, in 1199 Panigale, also received the same prize in 2013.

The Italian manufacturer is to be awarded on July 4th in Essen, Germany. The event will also be attended by thousands of designers and leading businessmen.

motor Eva Energica

Manufacturers of electric-powered bikes from Italy, Energica, officially opened bookings for Eva. e-rodaster a naked version of the model Ego introduced at EICMA, Milan, last year. Energica as the manufacturer, leaving only half of the fairing on the sides for wind protection.

Energica just opened bookings for its customers in Europe and the United States. Eva priced starting at US $ 34,544.

Reported by autoevolution, Eva redesigned to be a mount that is functional and practical. Eva ease of driving at present through high handlebars. Meanwhile, the functional aspects contained in a pair of small compartment on the left-right seat that serves to store a raincoat or other personal items.

The drive system on Eva supported permanent magnet (PMAC) oil-cooled with automatic transmission. The maximum power of the electric motor reaches Tk 95 with a torque of 170 Nm.

Manufacturing helped design a quick charging system for Eva via optional charger package. Charging only takes 30 minutes when the battery in a discharged condition until it is charged to 85 percent.

In its official statement, Energica call when rapid charging system on Eva makes this street bike awake to the resale price. Buyers are also not bothered to shorten the time to modify the charging system.

Motorcycle exhaust

Motorcycle exhaust is one of the component parts of motorcycle maintenance is simple. However, what often happens is the opposite. Exhaust motor is not maintained and filled with rust and eventually leak.

Leaking exhaust themselves will also cause a lot of harm. Good voice changed and noisy engine or motor performance will be reduced. Therefore, you should spend a little time to perform maintenance of this motorcycle exhaust system components.

The first is the routine washing of motor, especially after rain. Maintain cleanliness of the motor, not only exhaust, will keep the metal components to the motor from corrosion attack. Do not forget also to dry after washing the bike until it is completely dry.

The next is to apply lubricant in the neck after heat up the engine exhaust. In addition, also pour a little oil, 1-2 tablespoons, into the exhaust when the engine heats. Both of these functions to remove dirt in the exhaust and keep the exhaust from rust.

sport bikes

Motorcycle sport increasingly popular. Advantages of this motor is diverse, ranging from performance to speed, although the price is relatively more expensive than other motors. A person who buys motor sport compared to other types of motor must have had reasons for each.

Although different, basically there are some characteristics that certainly offered all motor sport. There are 10 characters that exist in every motor sport.

The first character is strong brakes. That is, because the speeds are high enough, then the motor brake is generally better than ordinary motor brake. The second feature is the frame stiff or rigid frame.

High cornering clearance so characteristic of the third. These characteristics make the driver can lower than regular motor. The fourth is a low handlebars or handlebar is short, so that wind resistance can be reduced.

The fifth characteristic is the adjustable suspension or suspension can be adjusted to the road conditions and the weight of the rider. There is also minimal as characteristic of the sixth seat. Although indeed, this used to be a secondary consideration for each manufacturer.

Seventh, a motor sport generally has a low-profile tire. Low tire making control over the maximum. Eighth is aerodymanic bodywork. Of course, with a sleek body panels and dynamic, groove winds disrupt the mobilization of the motor can be minimized.

Ninth characteristic is a powerful engine. This point is unquestioned. All motor sport certainly offers a machine whose performance is above average regular motor. The latter is a compact riding position. This position makes the rider can more comfortably in control of the vehicle at high speed.