Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners is taking a major role in making the engine work harder. Because the system is dependent directly on the engine rotation, the setting error will even make machines increasingly burdened when driving.

The major signs that often appears that the machine as if he wanted to die when it stops. There is also, in a low speed, the gas must be pressed deeper than usual to increase the engine rotation.

If it happens, it’s time to recognize some of the causes behind the symptoms. One of the reasons could be due to the lack of proper idle settings. Ideally, when the silence and the ac is not turned on, the machine will move about 800 rpm.

If the air conditioner is on, the rpm will increase to 900 – 1000 rpm. This means that if the rpm under normal conditions, the machine will be very easy to die. This case is rare in the car manifold injection, because it is set up with the electrical system. But also do not rule out the possibility that still required manual settings.

Circulation poor can cause the compressor to work extra. In cases like this, of course rev the engine was getting worse. This circulation disorders can be caused by dust and cause condenser or evaporator disturbed.

Compressor is too large and does not fit the standard could also make the engine even drop. It can be caused because the compressor is damaged or replaced not by default. Or the last possibility is that the engine is less maintenance. Air Conditioners often overload the machine, but on the other hand, there are times when the machine is impaired and needs to be serviced again

tom cruise mission impossible

The films were entered into the ranks of Hollywood box office often use vehicles mounts cool as the main actor, not to mention the action movie Mission Impossible.

In the latest sequel titled Rogue Nation, Mission Impossible will feature BMW S1000RR, which is the latest Superbike BMW. Of course Tom Cruise who became the main actor used this bike for a number of scenes.

The plan, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation began airing on the big screen on July 31, 2015. Tom Cruise action riding the BMW S1000RR revealed through a teaser video that was released some time ago.

Explained, he rode the bike to avoid hunting the enemy. Not to forget, a number of exciting action in the film was the case when he was riding a motorcycle German.

“We are very pleased to again be part of one of the most exciting action movie franchises in history,” said Ian Robertson, BMW”.

Meanwhile, BMW’s cooperation with Paramount as Mission Impossible film production house has existed since sequel titled Ghost Protocol. This film shows the actions with BMW cars.

mini honda s660

Square off starting to look, Honda seems increasingly serious in response to the increasingly heated competition in the segment of small cc car or popularly known as kei-car in Japan.

Beginning with the first appearance in November 2013 as a prototype model continued with a variety of improvements, now the mini-roadster Honda S660 dare to show a model of production that is ready to dominate the market JDM (Japanese Domestic Market).

Daihatsu Copen mortal enemy and Suzuki Hustler, according minara.carview exposure via Carscoops, has a body that quite large for the size of the car kei-car, namely with the long dimension of 3.395mm, 1.475mm width and height of 1.180mm.

Seen from the exterior design, glaze taste typical fashionable design concept lawasnya remain the main character in the body of the Honda S660, 2015. Only minor changes in the headlights and taillights area, front grille and wheel size slightly smaller.

Although using 3-cylinder 660cc engine with 64 hp power with gusts 104Nm of torque, Honda ensures that the latest whiz with a choice of CVT and a 6-speed manual transmission is going to be capable of driving up to 140 km / h. The rate capability is supported by the light weight of the Honda S660 are less than 1,000 kg.

Teen Driver Safety Features

Chevrolet will offer new features on the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu models can improve safety for teen drivers. This feature is named Teen Drivers.

Teen Drivers basically is a feature that allows parents are able to monitor how their adolescent children’s behavior while driving.

When Teen Driver is enabled, then the entertainment features such as the radio will not work until the driver was wearing a seat belt. In addition, parents can also adjust the volume of sound that is not too noisy.

Not only that, parents can also choose the maximum speed for their teenage children, which is between 64 to 120 km / h. If you exceed this limit, it will appear in the form of audio and visual warnings.

To note, car accidents are the leading cause of death in US adolescents. Hopefully, with this feature it can be minimized

automobile factory with the highest salaries

A recent study showed that employees of Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz at the factory Vance, Alabama, USA, is an auto worker with the highest hourly wage among other auto workers in the US. While working in a factory Volkswagen and BMW get the lowest wages per hour.

Workers at the Mercedes-Benz earn an average wage of US $ 65 / hour, while workers in the factory VW Chattanooga paid an average of US $ 38 / hour and BMW in Spartanburg workers earn US $ 39 / hour

In the second place, there is General Motors who pay workers US $ 58 / hour. Underneath, there is Ford Motor Co. are known to pay workers US $ 57 / hour. Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler is known to pay their workers as much as US $ 48 / hour.

Results of this study was released as a preparation for further contract talks between the largest automotive company in the US, dubbed the Detroit 3 (consisting of Ford, GM and Fiat) with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union as a representation of the American automobile.

Among some car manufacturers operating in the US but not into the Detroit 3 are also studied, for example Honda and Toyota. Honda to pay workers at US $ 49 / hour, Toyota US $ 48 / hour, Nissan US $ 42 / hour, as well as Hyundai and Kia of US $ 41 / hour

In this research, known although GM and Ford suffered a major restructuring since 2009, they still provide high wages to their workers than their main competitors.

The average wage of the worker, in addition to calculated based on the wages of workers remain, also including wages for outsourced workers. In addition, it is also known that the Japanese car manufacturer pays the highest wages for contract workers.

According to the report, the higher the contract workers and outsourcing, variable capital will wane.

Motor Trail Concept style Dakar Rally

Honda will show a concept model in two exhibitions namely Osaka Motorcycle Show and the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2015.

Among these are to be displayed CRF250 Rally, a trail bike cruiser.

CRF250 Rally CRF250L built from the base, but the design is similar to the CRF450 glimpse used in the Dakar Rally.

250 cc motorcycle concept that uses the front suspension with a stronger rim, body panels using plastic materials, as well as machine guards on the bottom using a strong aluminum material. At the helm are flexible holder for a roadbook so easily installed and removed.

From his appearance, CRF250 Rally seems to approach the production line.