Triumph Speed Triple

Facelift version motorcycle Triumph Will Start Next Year Sale – premium British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, is preparing two new motorcycle units to be released in 2016. The second motor is a facelift version of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R. The two motorcycle was also tested at the headquarters of Triumph in Leicestershire, England.

While still ‘wrapped’ neatly with stickers camouflage, both the Triumph motorcycle can indeed be easily recognizable because of its muscles still showed characteristic Triumph. Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 has a radiator coating and a more slender stern design.

In addition to the radiator and tail section leaner, Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 version also has a new headlight design with soft shapes more and more rounded. Besides refreshment in terms of appearance, Triumph was also added several new features on both the motorcycle unit. One new feature is a new traction control feature.

Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 will still use inline three-cylinder engine capacity of 1,050 cc. The machine is capable of spewing power of 134 Nursery and maximum torque of 111 Nm.

Because the base engine remains the same as the old generation, it can be said that this time Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Speed ​​Triple R 2016 is really a pure facelift version. Similarly, exclusive products other Triumph, two new motorcycle manufacturer concoction of State Queen Elizabeth then only be produced in limited.

This motor has entered the final stage of the production process and is scheduled to go on sale in 2016. For the inauguration itself, some sources say that both the new version of the Triumph Speed ​​Triple R and the Speed ​​Triple will be unveiled in global in the late 2015’s

car maintenance

Surface treatment until the contents of the car does not always have to be expensive and use a typical garage items that could further drain the pouch. The materials that exist in the bathroom and the kitchen turns  all know a lot of benefits for the favorite car!

Well, here are 10 objects around the house that could be used to make light treatment of the surface to the whole-contents. Guaranteed cheap, easy and will definitely make the car comfortable to drive

Baking Soda

It’s been quite a lot to use baking soda to clean the inside of the car. Indeed, one of which is not going to lose functionality for users of the car, because the functionality of this material.

Ingredients to make this cake is very effective if used for carpet cleaning cars of chemicals such as ink or oil, for example. This can be combined using a brush and a special cloth.


In some cases, vinegar is a material that is very effective to make the windshield so the more sleek. This is supported by the content of vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar that is capable of dissolving dirt safely without injuring the surface of the glass.

This can then be applied to other problems, such as thick dirt in a car seat. Just like baking soda, the application can use a brush or a special cloth used for the surface of the seat or dashboard with a combination of all occupants is water.


Special soap detergent washing clothes alias is a function quite clear, remove stains and make the surface become brighter. Unfortunately, detergents are not recommended for use on surfaces such as the dashboard for example.

However, to wash the car carpet, upholstery and cleaning the surface of the detergent still feels very unreliable. Combination could also using wax washers motorcycle / car and applied through a damp sponge and cloth.


Item of this one was destined so effective cleanser. Because it is a formula of toothpaste that is intended to clear a crucial part of the tooth made toothpaste manufacturers make extra cleaning.

That is why, a lot of tips which say that the toothpaste will be very well used on the surface of the headlamp. And in fact did so, without using water, brushing headlamp using toothpaste until a few minutes will make it clearer one level.


Who would have thought that soda is often considered unhealthy for the body, can actually be very useful for a car. Because the solution of existing carbonation in soda was able to react with some elements on the car.

As in rust, it will not totally disappear entirely, but good is that soda can reduce stubborn rust. In addition, the rust on the head of the battery can also be cleaned using a soda.

jaguar land rover

British premium car company, Jaguar Land Rover is developing a re-announced the latest innovation that is a car that can be controlled using a smartphone.

The latest technologies of deliberately developed and will be applied to the newest generation of Land Rover cars, where riders can go down from the driver’s seat and control the car.

According to JLR, applications like remote control can be controlled under certain conditions, such as parking very narrow, steep road or terrain very minimal visibility while in the car, even in the off-road track though.

Although still in the prototype stage, but JLR claims, car owners can actually control the car with just a smartphone, ranging from brakes, gas, stir until the transmission shift.

By using a smartphone, the car can go at a maximum speed of approximately 6km / h. But the car could suddenly stop if, smartphones and cars more than 10 meters distance. Unfortunately, JLR not divulge what the first car will be embedded with this technology and when it will be launched.

driver tips

The state of the jammed roads sometimes made hostile by the time the driver. Inevitably, some drivers decided to go fast because of the rush or choose the toll lane as its solution. Unfortunately, the attitude of the rush was also an impact on the examination of the feasibility of the car.

Because the rush, the driver forgot to check the feasibility of the car. Burst tire or brake failure may occur in the middle of the road. But what can we do. Examination of the feasibility of cars already overdo forgotten. All you need do now is how to cope with such failures in the way.

Of the damage that occurred when the speeding car, damage to the tires, steering, gas pedal or the brake is something that happens quite often. If one little, fatal accidents such as car reverse could happen. Therefore, to overcome this, a driver requires ways that are special.

Here are the ways that you can consider:

Tire exploded in the middle of the road. This can happen because the tires had a thin layer. It may also be caused by a sharp object tearing. Slightest a sharp object, still, tearing the skin of tires because the car was fast moving. If this happens to you, do not immediately stepped on the brake pedal. Your car later toppled. All you need do is to reduce the transmission gear gradually and slowly. Once the car slowed down, pull over. Do not forget to turn on the lights hazzard (turn signal alarm).

Stir not functioning. If this happens, immediately slow down the pace of the car. Loose footing on the gas pedal. Perform discontinuation rate slowly and gently. It is worth noting that the car is not rotating (spinning).

Such as the gas pedal is locked. If this happens, try to remove the footrest of the gas pedal. If the pedal does not change its position (in the sense of still locked), neutralize the transmission gear, then do the braking gradually and slowly. Do not forget to turn on the lights hazzard. After that, Pull the car to a safe place.

Brakes do not want to work. Maybe what happens is los the brake pedal. If so, try to shake it. If the brake still does not work, immediately turn on the lights hazzard, and lower transmission gear gradually and slowly.

In addition to the above ways, the most important thing you do not panic. If you panic, fatalities may occur. Try to always be aware and calm, and do not forget to always turn on the lights hazzard. This lamp is very important. By turning on the lights, the driver behind you know that your car is experiencing problems.

water coolant radiator

Surely you wonder why strictly forbidden to use coolant in the radiator is no longer new car or a resale? In fact, it has the advantages of not liquid water than usual?

Indeed, radiator coolant has a variety of benefits. However, it is recommended fluids used in new cars only. For a used car, it’s good to do a radiator first.

Yes, if the previous owner diligent use of coolant, it should not hesitate to use same liquid. But if not, please do not do.

Because the radiator using water waterway resulted in the cylinder head to the engine block rusty. Practically, the use of coolant which generally has anti-rust chemical compounds can make the whole rust fall out and cause new problems. Wearing the coolant will make rust loss, so they can make a hole between the waterway with the oil line,

Furthermore, oil and water mixed signs on the machine can be seen when examining the oil dipstick. When wiped with a clean cloth (white) color will look like coffee milk.

When this condition occurs, a used car which was originally purchased to support mobility makes the bag burst. Therefore, you need to spend in for an overhaul or at least do not drain the engine.

In extreme cases, these problems make the owner of the vehicle should be charged to replace the cylinder head. So, be smart in buying and caring for a used car!

toyota hilux

Toyota’s flagship pickup, Hilux officially launched in Bangkok, Thailand as the first country for global sales. Since its launch in 1968, Toyota has sold more than 16 million units of the Hilux in 180 countries and regions including Indonesia.

In the previous generation Toyota Hilux fans gave a positive response both in terms of quality, toughness and reliability across a variety of terrain. But in this latest generation, Toyota is increasingly seen dashing to the design of the character models.

Interestingly in this eighth generation process development, design teams around the world to ask for advice to the users Hilux from different countries. In fact, they also met with users who use the double cabin pickup vehicle in the forest, flooding during the rainy season to the region with extreme temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius.

From the results of research into the different parts of the world, there are several Hilux owners hope the car can be more efficient. There is also a comment on security when driving long distances so that the driver must remain vigilant. While commonly used Hilux in the forest area could be more silent cabin hoping to be able to communicate comfortably.

Toyota also implements all the entries in this latest generation Hilux. Japanese manufacturer claims this car has the engine more efficient, more secure with the new security features and the cabin is quieter.