tips buy car

From the customers’ eyes, it is important for us to know more, we want to buy a car. This is so that we understand the features and specifications of the car from the safety aspect.

Prior to owning and using a car, we need to know about the car, because of the introduction of the vehicle affect the level of safety.

The following are some tips that we assigned the vehicle with safety levels at the maximum level.

“Know first designation (type of vehicle),”. From this knowledge we can know the what can be done by car. For example, do not use non-asphalt sedan on track damaged.

Then, find out what the car owned. Each equipment or equipment owned determine the ability of the car. Eg whether there is ABS or other features.

In addition, know the car’s specifications. Examples matter of ground clearance. Obviously the car with a gap higher ground will be easier straddling obstacles. “Know the maximum and minimum limits,”.

From the specifications, we will also know the use of the facility as well as additional standards especially with regard to safety. Because not all have the additional safety equipment such as ABS, airbags and so on.

Of all the knowledge that we can choose a car that fits our needs. And if we already have it, it is also important that this one thing, “Perform test before using the alias pre trip inspection”.

car buyer beginner

The need for a car as an operational vehicle that can facilitate increased mobility. The desire to look more stylish and confident also be another reason many people buy a car. However, keep in mind that buying a car is not enough to simply have the money, more than we should have enough knowledge so as not to regret in the future.

For you, especially car buyers beginners, here are some tips that can be used as a guide before choosing and buying a dream car.

Customize the type of car and budget. Before going to a car dealer, you should first determine the type and the type of car you want and adjust the contents of the bag. This serves to keep your financial condition is stable, because there are costs such as monthly installments thereafter, periodic servicing, annual taxes, and so forth.

Type of payment. If you have sufficient funds to buy a car, it would not hurt to buy in cash. However, if there are other spending items that must be repaid, buying on credit is a wise move.

Dealers and finance companies reliable. Today many car dealers who offer a range of additional benefits. Make sure it is properly and do crosscheck. For those who buy on credit, do not miss ensuring the company will finance the purchase of your car is a company that is reliable and gives a rational price.

Sales. Thinking of selling good price when buying a car is fair. If it be one of your considerations, make sure to buy a car that has a reasonable price when resold.

Superior product. Do not be tempted to buy a car just from advertising and offers cheap prices only. Should know about the product advantages such as ease of spare parts, fuel efficient, cost competitive service, authorized workshops, extensive network, and others.

Test drive. This is the last thing to be conducted to determine the condition of the car. Use this opportunity to really try and feel the car’s performance. There is no harm in doing a test drive of more than one car.

Insurance. For those who buy a car on credit, the car certainly has insurance. But it would be very good if you know why the car must be insured. Besides protecting the car from bad risks that may occur, the insurance also helps keep financial conditions remain stable, because it can reduce unexpected expenses due to collisions, for example.

To that end, insurance is very important in supporting the day-to-day mobility. For those who buy a car in cash, immediately insuring your car. Find information about car insurance that gives peace of mind with a variety of reliable service and low premiums do not be tempted.

clean with toothpaste

Having a car is clean and shiny is the desire of everyone. However, with age and use, some parts of the car is changing so dull and certainly makes the look less unsightly.

Headlamp or headlights so one part that is dull due to usage. If you have this, the owners will inevitably bring to the workshop to eliminate dull.

To get around the clear glass headlamp back is actually quite easy, capital is also just a toothpaste that comes with bleach. As reported by Lifehack, toothpaste dull able to clean stains on glass surfaces headlamp.

Naturally toothpaste will be a natural polishing agent and able to cover scratches or abrasions. This could be an alternative rather than using expensive chemicals, as long as the correct way.

However, cars with headlamp glass from glass or crystal materials should not be recommended because toothpaste has abrasive properties. One-one, the surface of the glass instead be scarred because of eroded toothpaste.

The first step, apply toothpaste and level it with a soft cloth across the surface of mica lamp. You can rubbing with toothpaste slowly while leveling especially on point with the most severe stains dull

If it’s been pretty flat, you live the rest of toothpaste rinse with water. A similar trick as when rubbing earlier. Pour clean water into a soft cloth and then rinse the former toothpaste on the surface of mica to clean.

oil color

The physical condition of the car can be seen directly, but not to the state of the engine. It can also be heard on the sound or smoke coming out. But it was not necessarily able to ascertain the specific conditions of the engine.

Then, look at the condition of the existing machine by looking at the colors of oil that appears when the transition. With this course can be seen as well, is there any possibility of damage to the machine, especially on the cylinder head.

It is to test this oil has provided a specific tool, so it is easily demonstrated valid results. But of course you have to go to the garage to do it. Tools to test the oil is called Cylinder Leakage Tester.

leak down

But, for those of you who might want to save money, of course there are other ways that are easier to see the color of the oil from the cylinder head. There are three types of color possibilities will emerge, yellowish brown, black and solid white.

If oil comes out yellowish brown, new means your car a distance of about 1000-2000 miles. With typical colors like this, the car can still be said to be healthy and normal no damage.

If the oil has been black, there are two possibilities that occur in the car. It could be a new car to travel very far. It could also, indeed rare oil changed or there is the possibility of damage to the machine. If you find this hala, it’s good to check your car to the garage.

Finally, if the oil is white, it means the oil is mixed with water. If you like this, then it is likely there is something wrong with your machine. Immediately consult your car to the garage if it does not want to spend a fortune to further damage

resale car

Buying a new car must take into consideration the pros and cons, especially the resale price. Savvy shoppers should consider the last point as it relates to the cost of care for ownership.

Reported by MarketWatch, the price of a new car can be assessed even if more expensive or economically can be known by calculating the resale price of five years thereafter. You also still profit when selling a used car.

Here’s a rough calculation, the average cost that you spend five years accounted for 40 percent of the depreciation of the vehicle. Details, overheads sure you spend to buy fuel by 25 percent, insurance 10 percent, and the cost of maintenance or repairs following a vehicle tax of 5 percent.

“If I tell the consumer’s one thing when the calculations when buying a car, the new price which may be higher (than similar cars in its segment) will be better for your finances in the next five years,” said Dan Ingle, Vice President of Valuation Vehicles for Kelley Blue Book.

This calculation is based on depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, and several other variables can affect the selling price of the new car itself. One example of a car with the new affordable selling prices and lower depreciation value which is a type of sub-compact.

For the price range of US $ 105 thousand, consisting of cars and city car hatchback segment is the value of depreciation under US $ 30 thousand to five years of use. In other words, the difference between the price of the former is not up 28.5 percent of the time the car was first purchased.

Water Repellent car

Keeping driving visibility is an absolute requirement. One is that the glass is always kept clean, good windshield, side, rear. In fact, no less important in the rearview mirror. Various tricks were done, one of them with a water repellent applications.

The goal of this application is in addition to impurities such as dust and mold is easy to clean, which is to provide effects such as water in taro leaves. So grains of water that often stick and disturbing view of the glass can be minimized. Especially when it is the rainy season. It is better to create a regular schedule so that the glass care optimum visibility.

When it rains and the driving conditions, the outlook is going to be helped by the role of the wiper. However, that often interfere with it on the side or rear view mirror glass. Sometimes you require open most of the glass side in order to get a clearer view when parking in an open area. Different story on premium cars that already have applications in the rear view mirror heater. Easy and practical.

  • Use steelwall to remove light oxidation in glass
  • Rag rugs to coat the glass with water repellent

Maintaining the car is quite tricky. Selection of car-care products that are not right even fatal because almost all are sold containing chemicals. Well, it’s good to avoid water repellent containing acid ,.

To make the water can free fall, there are some that should be done. The first step is to wash and dry the car.

After missing the dirt dust, also have to clean the dirt visible. At this stage, in Auto Glaze we have a special cloth, we name ‘steel wall’, this function is to remove light oxidation, we wipe the entire surface of the glass until it is clean and feels smooth to the touch.

When all that is done, then the water repellent is applied evenly and wipe using microfiber. For everyday use, rainwater could be hurtling without leaving drops of water, but the water splashes of other vehicles are sometimes left behind traces of impurities such as dust. Car wash solution as soon as possible after use and dry back. The goal is to prevent water spots.

  • Spray ‘HD touch’ for maximum results
  • Use rubber wiper water repellent special order not quickly eroded
  • The heater in the rear glass enough help to avoid condensation

Because it has a period of time as well, at least do regular maintenance. Do this treatment at least three months so that the visibility is always maximum and remain comfortable.

Oh yes, one that is very critical that, sometimes people often use soapy water in the washer for relieve dust or stains. It is a powerful way it works, but it gives a bad effect because it contains detergent. When it dries, the rest of the water will leave white stains, be sure to use plain water or a special washer fluid.