motor sport tvs bmw

TVS finally unveil the concept of motor sport investment results with BMW in the event the Delhi Auto Show 2016. The bike is named Akula 310 Intangible full fairing sport.

Akula name itself is taken from the Russian language, which means the Sharks. It is intended for Akula aggressive design language combined with a natural color carbon fiber fairing makes it like a predator.

As reported by Visordown, Akula was built by TVS in his racing division with the code U69 platform. Similar platforms have been used BMW when building G310R.

Has a different form of the BMW G310R, TVS and then redo the chassis Akula. Other changes are on the silencer with a new design that reinforces the style of racing.

Akula is built with lightweight materials including carbon fiber fairing. The similarity with the naked bike Germans are on suspension, brakes, as well as the sewer below the kitchen runway.

This land sharks supported a single cylinder engine capacity of 313 cc G310R similar. In artificial BMW naked bike, the engine is capable of producing power 34 Tk with 20.6 pounds of torque. The TVS version will have a higher output, more than 40 Tk order to be competitive with Yamaha R3 or KTM RC390.

According to reports, the new TVS producing sport fairing at the end of the year. It helped indicate if BMW will create a full fairing version of G310R.

gas pedal

In the name of comfort and security, many companies compete to launch smart devices in the realm of transportation. One is a self-driving technology is often reviews the media since the middle of last year.

It is also done by a German company, which released a gas pedal smart for future vehicles. Bosch-made pedal is called ‘active gas pedal’.

At first glance it looks the same as ordinary pedal, but artificial Bosch is not only connected to the machine, even integrated with the navigation system. The reason, of course, to the safety of fellow road users.

Automatic brake indeed very helpful during an emergency, while the active gas pedal will push the driver’s foot in the opposite direction as he raced beyond the speed limit.

Interestingly, this is not just a smart pedal designed for electric vehicles only. Bosch also designed to fit when used in old vehicles even still using manual transmission system.

Honda RC213V-S

Honda involving the best experts in producing RC213V-S. As a model which is a street version of Marc Marquez ride in MotoGP, because its production requires high precision handmade product.

Assembling the engine is not as mass-production motorcycle in general. The workers are carefully and meticulously measuring and installing every part of a motorcycle manually.

Workers at Honda also always check first before doing the installation. Start of mounting bolts, welding and installation of the wheels is done by hand. How this is done so as a result the precision and minimize production errors.

In a video that was launched Morebike, showing how workers perform welding of the chassis by hand. Pieces order also by workers until smooth sanded as needed without the help of sophisticated machinery.

No wonder this process makes the price of the Honda RC213V-S on the market fairly expensive. For the European market, this superbike rewarded 188 thousand euros, or approximately US $ 2.84 billion.

As is known, the Honda RC213V-S is offered with different output. The highest output is 159 Tk circulated in Europe and Australia. While in the US market gets RC213V-S with 101 power Tk and is only promising Japanese motorcycle power 70 Tk.

For those of you who are curious about the process of production of the Honda RC213V-S, see the video below:

jeep special edition

Earlier this year the Jeep reached the age of 75 years. Manufacturing famous United States (US) specializes SUV was then celebrated with the release of a special edition 75th Anniversary Edition on all models. The distinctive feature in this edition is a typical Low Gloss Bronze accents on the wheels.

First on Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models in version 75 Anniversary Edition is outfitted with several accessories include a unique front bumper, rock rails, 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires. This model is equipped with a vent on the bonnet and the interior was made more comfortable with heated seats and infotainment systems based on 6.5-inch screen, as reported Worldcarfans.

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee dress Latitude with a number of changes to the unique front fascia with a refresher on the air grilles. This model uses a wheel diameter of 18 or 20 inch alloy wheels. Cherokee Latitude participated dressed with extra sunroof two panels.

Two other models of the Compass and Patriot adorned with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and technological support to start the engine remotely. Both models are also outfitted with Low Gloss Bronze accents.

The last model who participated got change the Renegade. Jeep brand-new crossover is powered Beats audio system, MySky roof, 18-inch alloy wheels berkelir Low Gloss Bronze. The entire 75th Anniversary Editionakan sold in the first quarter 2016.

glass fracture

British car repair company, Autoglass, released research on the causes of the windshield cracked. Some of them are not uncommon, for example, squirrels fighting, teddy bears, and `UFO`.

Independent launched, the most common cause damage to the windshield is a road debris, temperature changes, and birds. This research is based on a claim in the past year.

In addition, some strange list of claims they also note. Among these are the sounds mysterious and unidentified flying objects. Even so, they do not mention in detail how it can damage the glass.

Taxiarchis Konstantopoulos, Director of Autoglass, said glass breakage is often unpredictable. “In winter, we remind motorists that the front glass damage can occur at any time, including unforeseen circumstances,” he said.

He added that the front glass accounted for 30 percent of the area of ​​the vehicle. Therefore, if the glass is broken, it is important to immediately replace or repair it. Moreover, this is related to the visibility of the rider.

In addition, Konstantopoulos also advise that motorists remain cautious, especially during the winter. “The way to drive more slowly, replacing the old wiper, and periodically wash the glass,” he added.

Here are 10 odd claim causes a rift front windshield more:

1. The squirrel who fight over food merebutkan
2. The high-pitched voice, which not only causes cracking of the glass, but also makes the car alarm is not working
3. Trampoline
4. Teddy bears
5. Obese people who get into car
6. Donkey
7. Arrows
8. Bees
9. The unidentified object
10. Kangaroos (especially in Australia)

super battery

China is one country that is ambitious in developing electric cars. Governments have a vision, that five million electric cars will pave there five years.

To achieve this vision, a group of scientists continue to conduct research in development. More recently, research was fruitless. They claimed to have developed a battery with a capacity of super.

“We were able to make carbon super capacitor much better,” said Huang Fuqiang, a chemist from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, quoted from

Explained, this battery is made with a mixture of nitrogen and graphene (the thinnest material in the world, but the most strong. Stronger than steel, but lighter).

This allows the super battery electric vehicles drove up to 35 kilometers in just charging for seven seconds. The results of all this research published by the research journal.

The same agency has also conducted research on the magnesium battery. Unfortunately, the study was difficult to develop because of the lack of high-voltage electrolytes.

The entire study is supported by Hundred Talents, a program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.